Seminar Dates

Here is my seminar outline for churches, schools and other interested organizations.

A local church member wrote this to me. I find it very telling.

“This is what makes your message so helpful; for so long the subject of homosexuality hasn’t been discussed in church. We are left not knowing how to talk to our friends and family. This causes a chasm and just keeps people from coming to Christ. We are supposed to share the good news of Christ. If homosexuality isn’t discussed in the church, how are we going to be prepared to share with someone struggling with this particular sin? I have tried and failed miserably, probably lost friends because I didn’t know how they were hurting, I had no understanding of their struggle. We need to be taught how to properly reach out so we don’t do any more harm. We end up pushing people away instead of drawing them into His arms.”  Felicia R.

It is because of the many many people like Felicia, that God has laid upon my heart  the need to share the victory and healing He has brought to my life.

These seminars are not denomination specific. This is not a doctrinal belief. It is a Bible teaching. Love, Hope and Redemption are available to “all” who seek it. All who are willing to surrender and abide in Christ.


Current Seminar Dates – Scroll to the bottom for the most current.

A description of the three seminars follows the current seminar calendar.


Andrews University

Berrien Springs, MI

September 7 – 12, 2015


Mind Cure Confernce

Ontario, California

October 2-4, 2015


Lighthouse Assembly of God

Greeneville, Tennessee

October 8 – 10,  2015


Stevensville Seventh-day Adventist Church

Stevensville, Michigan

October 23, 24  2015


Chewelah Seventh-day Adventist Church

Spokane, WA

October 30, 31 2015


Dothan Seventh-day Adventist Church

Dothan, Alabama

November 6-7, 2015


Hanover Germany and other Germany locations

November, 2015


Andrews University Village Church

Berrien Springs, MI

January 18-21, 2016


Carolina Ministers Retreat
February 1-3, 2016


Yakima / Moses Lake
February 15 -27, 2016


Milton Freewater Seventh-day Adventist Church

Milton Freewater, Oregon

March 4-5, 2016 


Camden Seventh-day Adventist Church

Rockport, Maine


May 14, 2016

Indiana camp meeting

June 13 – June 19


Oregon camp meeting

Gladstone, Oregon

July 21 – July 23


ASI Convention

Phoenix, Arizona

August 3-6,   Come visit our ‘Coming Out’ Ministries booth







Presentation One  – “Out of Innocence”

In this presentation, I share the beginnings of my life. What shapes who we are? Is it possible to be born gay? What do we do with resentment and the deep pain of not being understood?

I was born to an abusive mother who had no intention of having a boy. The first two years of my life involved being passed from one relative to another, until an Aunt and Uncle responded to the impressions they received from God to adopt me.

Developments occurred that neither my adoptive parents or I planned on. What was the journey of deep rooted pain and misunderstandings like? Was I simply damaged goods?  Why couldn’t my new parents they find the help, direction and support they needed from our pastor or my Christian school teachers?

Why did I leave the church and what and who brought me back? God would never let go of me.  He saved me from multiple near death experiences. Suddenly I was alone with God. How would He reach me?

Presentation Two – “Engage”

If we can’t share what we don’t have… what do we need?  Let’s examine our own relationship with Jesus and see if we can get some clues about claiming victory not just over homosexuality, but all sin temptations.

Is there room for condemnation?   Does disapproval of the gay lifestyle equate homophobia? Do we minister after the model Jesus provided us with?

If we are not comfortable with other people’s sins, does that mean we don’t talk about them?  Does our discomfort mean we don’t have to share the love of Jesus?  It’s the unfamiliarity that helps us propagate it as the “crowning sin.”

What steps can we take to prove to others that our God is a God of love? Let’s look at the opportunities we have to show gays/homosexuals that we are unlike any Christian they have ever met. Do we have something they want? Can they see Jesus in us?  ENGAGE!

Presentation Three – “Identity Matters”

So if I love Jesus and He loves me, does it really matter how I identify?  I don’t want anyone to think I’m straight, so I should identify as a “gay Christian,” right?   Does my identify have anything to do with my healing?

In this presentation, I will address the barrage of terminology, implications and their meanings. Deception is cleverly designed by the evil one. But if we focus on Jesus and present Him as the pure righteous lamb of God He is, we will see that it is not necessary to try to pass Him off as a lamb in wolves clothing. Jesus makes no secret about who we are in Him.

If I’m a “gay Christian,'” everyone will know this is a disclaimer right?  If I maintain my homosexual orientation everyone will see that I’m different from other sinners. I can’t do anything about my circumstances… I didn’t ask to be here …. right?

What message does a gay identity send when I have given my life over to the power of Jesus Christ?

Why are denominations collapsing and falling victim to the “gay agenda?”  Are we afraid to get involved?  Is it too messy? Forgiveness is key to both the church who has made multiple mistakes and assumptions in the past, as well as the returning sinner who thirsts for the water of life.  If we both meet humbly, confess our sins and pray for one another, we will ALL experience healing. James 5:16

This seminar brings much-needed clarity, understanding and hope to those who have never known how to reach out.

What’s the cure?  Is there a magic button?

God returns prodigals!  Be involved in the life changing process.


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