‘Coming Out’ Ministries


        Ron Woolsey                         Mike Carducci                        Wayne Blakely

       Danielle Harrison


Four supporting ministries united in one purpose.


God brought together three people by divine appointment who were “Redeemed” by His divine intervention. In the past churches have typically not reached out to gays and homosexuals. But God answers prayers and through the prayers of our families and loved ones, God intervened and “…called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

The second part of our conversion stories is how God created a divine appointment for each of us by bringing us together to reach out in a united front by sharing with and educating  others about His power of change  which is available to all His children regardless of their temptation. Our God is a God of love, truth, promise, healing and victory. In our walk with God, change is constant. This is not a change of expectation from “gay” to “straight.” This is a change from any sin tempted life to one of holiness. Romans 6:22 “But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life.”

While we maintain three individual supportive ministries, we operate as a unified collaborative effort to draw God’s dearly loved children into a relationship of deep love and truth.

We are available individually and collectively. Please feel free to contact one or all of us to come and minister to your church, college, high school, camp meeting or other private or public gathering. We will share the testimony of the power of Jesus Christ. We provide education, and resources for learning how to convey love and truth to those who have felt rejected, alienated and unloved by God and the Christian community.


My ministry is “Know His Love.” You can contact me through this web site or by emailing me at knowgreaterlove@comcast.net

Ron Woolsey’s ministry is “The Narrow Way.” His website is www.victorjadamson.com

Mike Carducci’s ministry is “EXCEED” His website is www.exceedinglory.org

Danielle Harrison’s ministry is “INTO HIS LIGHT” located at www.intohislight.org 

All of us share the journey back to Christ and promote the ideals of living for Him and “in Him” instead of living living lives that have been subjected to feelings.  God calls each of us to self-denial through the temptations we encounter. Our focus is on Christ.  As we serve Him, He guides and directs our lives through His promises. There are myths to be dispelled and truths to discover together.  The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality, but holiness.

Often we find that church members believe that when we are baptized, we go into the watery grave gay and come up straight. But when Jesus washes our sins, He promises us in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that we are now a “New Creation” in Him.  Church members sometimes want to help find a member of the opposite sex for us to date or marry. But it is vitally important that we seek God’s will and let Him orchestrate His plan for each of us.

Jesus calls us to an intimacy with Him. By submitting ourselves to Him and abiding in Him, we can know His plan.

We have been featured on programs such as 3ABN’s “Life In Recovery,”  ” Better Life Television” and “The Hope Chanel.” We speak at high schools, churches and universities.

Contact us to help in pouring out God’s gospel and plan of redemption to ALL sinners.  Thanks for letting God draw you here and use you to reflect His deep love for all.